Did you know that the library contains a wide variety of biographies? God’s Smuggler recounts the experiences Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors, as he risked his life to bring Bibles to Christians living behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.  Readers will be encouraged by miraculous examples of God’s faithfulness and challenged by the risks Soviet-era believers were willing to take in order to obtain even portions of Scripture.


Come ask our librarian, Laura, about all the new books that have been added to the library!


The church library has books for all ages; children, teens, youth and adults.  The selection includes books for inspiration, study and Christian fiction.


The library also contains a good selection of Christian Videos.  The books are loaned out on an honor system.  Cards are filled in and left for the librarian. Books are to be returned within 3 weeks.


We have many books for readers with different interests; books for Bible Study, Christian Growth, Biographies, Fiction; books for Youth and Children.  We encourage you to avail yourself to them.  Put the month, date, year and your name on the card in the back of the book and leave it with the other cards on the desk.  Please return books in a timely fashion.